EnCom provides, to residential and commercial clients, products and services that will supply between 50 - 75% of their hot water and home heating needs. We design and distribute clean, renewable solar systems using industry leading solar and hot water heating products.

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"Buy a solar thermal system and earn up to 500 AIR MILES® reward miles! Speak to one of our representatives for further details."

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Address:   311-01 Rocky Lake Drive
Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4A 2T3
Phone: 1.902.860.0081
Email: info@encomgroup.com

Residential Hot Water & Home Heating EnCom Product Warehouse Commercial & Industrial Hot Water & Facility Heating

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Evacuated tube solar collectors, storage tanks, controllers and integrated high efficiency heating systems, provide seamless energy solutions. For your back-up power needs, EnCom is Canada's #1 Dealer of Guardian Standby Generators.

World class solutions available from EnCom include:
EnCom provides complete turnkey Solar Hot Water systems to both Residential and Commercial buildings that can provide up to a 75% fuel cost savings. Utilizing superior evacuated glass tube collection and storage & distribution technology, EnCom's fully integrated solution is pre-approved for the ecoEnergy Federal government rebate.

Take Control of Your Power!

Solar Hot Water & Space Heating

More solar energy hits the earth in an hour than the world uses in a year...start taking your share of the free energy today!

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

EnCom Evacuated Solar Heating Tubes

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Wind Power

Airforce 4.1 is Available!
EnCom is proud to introduce our new 5kw off-grid or grid-tie wind turbine.

Wind Turbine - AirForce1

Generac Standby Generators

EnCom is the #1 Dealer in Canada!

Automatic Standby Generator